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Pandemic of Covid-19

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Dr. Yashpal Singh is a renowned vascular surgeon and is currently designated at Sahara Hospital, Lucknow. In this pandemic of Covid-19, it is very essential to take care of people who are suffering from diabetes, vascular problems, and heart diseases. People who are suffering from these diseases are impacted by Covid-19 severely.  Human anatomy defines blood vessels as the lining of the organs, and it should be noted that Covid attacks all the blood vessels in the human body. As a result blood in the microvascular system and macrovascular start getting clot by affecting small and large arteries.  It causes severe respiratory syndrome; in simple words, patients will struggle to breathe. Covid is also known as a deadly vascular disease. Vascular disease patients are categorized under five main groups and patients who come under these groups are at high risk. The division could be taken as the arterial system which includes arterioles and arteries, the venous system which includes venules and veins, and the capillaries.

Patients who are suffering from Vascular disease have to take all the precautions most importantly proper treatment that keeps the circulation of blood flows properly in the body. They must take suggestions and consult with the doctor on the regular basis. Video consultation with doctor is one of the best alternatives in this pandemic. If you are also suffering from any vascular diseases then you need not get panic and consult with a doctor who is specialized in vascular surgery. Dr. Yashpal Singh is providing his services in the hospital as well as is providing video consultation to reduce the threat of Covid-19. With this facility, a person can easily connect with him and discuss without any fear or wasting time to travel. It does not matter that in which city or state you are living, you can easily book your appointment with the doctor.  Dr. Yashpal is well known for his great services and dedication, he is also a member of the Vascular Society of India.

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